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Wrap Party Dress women’s

Wrap Party Dress

FIND Women’s Wrap Party Dress

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Description of Wrap Party Dress

3/4 length flute sleeve
100% Polyester
Machine wash (40°C)
Fastening: Front closure
Collar Style: Mao collar
MDR 40562

This women’s Chinese wrap party dress with 3/4 length flute sleeve and Mao collar has piping detail and matching waist belt-tie. Pair with ankle stiletto heel boots and long flowing hair to accentuate the fabric’s movement.

Wrap Party Dress womens
Wrap Party Dress womens

Customer reviews

This three-quarter length dress is unusual, colourful and really quite fun.
Made of polyester, it’s a soft and nice-quality dress, with a Mao collar and flute sleeves.
The fit, in my view, is as expected.
The colour is a brighter shade of green than the picture suggests, and, although I wasn’t sure whether I’d like the pattern or not, when the dress is on I think it looks very nice.
Good for parties or just a casual evening out, it’s a distinctive, comfortable and pretty dress.

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