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Worldwide Wine Selection Gift

Worldwide Wine Selection Gift

Cap Monde Worldwide Wine Selection Gift Pack, 75 cl (Case of 6).

Many wine drinkers would like to be more adventurous, but are reluctant to experiment by choosing an unknown wine that may disappoint. The trouble is that there is so much wine available. Wine drinkers have never had such choice. There are literally tens of thousands of wines and scores of countries around the globe producing them and shelf after shelf of different Merlots or Pinot Grigios can be a little intimidating.

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How to choose the right Worldwide Wine is one problem, deciding on what to serve it with is another. Why do some wines taste better with some foods and why do other wines taste dreadful when paired with certain dishes?

The Worldwide Wine Selection Gift and Food is unique in that it provides three easy ways of discovering thousands of wines which should be to your liking and then tells you which wines go best with which foods—and why.

First we look at the global wine scene. All the major wine producing countries are included with descriptions covering the style and character of the wines produced.

Second, you can search by grape varieties. If you try a wine and like it, you can find out which grape variety was used to produce it. You can then check for other wines around the world made from the same grape variety or blend and produced in the same style. This immediately increases your repertoire of likeable wines by thousands of bottles.

Third, every wine listed has been given a number or letter symbol. This special coding system provides an at-a-glance reference to allow you to choose wines of a similar style from around the world.

So, if you have a favorite wine, you should now be able to choose hundreds or even thousands of others like it by selecting those made from either the same grape variety, or those produced with the same style and taste.

Vitis Muscat of Alexandria Grape in 2L Pot, Very Tasty, Favorite Wine of Cleopatra! 3fatpigs


Vitis Muscat of Alexandria Grape
Vitis Muscat of Alexandria Grape
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Having selected your wines you now need to know how best to enjoy them. Some wines are best enjoyed by themselves; others can turn an ordinary meal into a gastronomic feast.