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General Tool Set

Steel General Tool Set with Sockets

Hi-Spec 91 Piece High-Grade Chrome Vanadium Cr-v Steel General Tool Set with Sockets, Spanner Wrenches, Pliers, Machinist Hammer, Most-Reached for Repair Tools. All Neatly Organised in a Robust Aluminum Storage Case.

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Jewelry tools

Jewelry tools

Jeweller’s Hand Tools, consumables, heavy worship tools, tool kits and essentials. Jewelry tools

Cooksongold Economy Blue Combination Jeweller’s Rolling Mill with 5 Rollers

GREAT VALUE: Economy combination wire and sheet rolling mill with FIVE rollers.
2x FLAT SHEET ROLLER: 75mm x 41mm Ø. Maximum sheet thickness 3mm and sheet width 70mm.

Jewelry tools laminator jewelry
laminator jewelry

1x V-SHAPE AND HALF ROUND WIRE ROLLER: 75mm x 41mm Ø with 7v-shape grooves from 0.5mm to 4mm and half round from 1mm to 4.5mm. Replace one of the flat rollers with this wire roller to create v shape and half round wire.
2x TEXTURED SHEET ROLLER: 75mm x 41mm Ø. Maximum sheet thickness 3mm and sheet width 70mm.

Cooksongold Essential’s Jeweller’s rolling mill complete with 5 rollers

– 2 Flat Sheet Rollers (75 x 41mm Ø)
– 2 Textured Rollers to create interesting effects
– 1 Wire Roller to enable you to create your own wire

This rolling mill is part of our Essentials tools range which represents amazing value for money and is perfect for all types of work.


Gears: 3:1
Gear Ratio Wire & Pulley one roll: 6.75mm
Maximum open roll: 4mm
Rotation of Transporting: 0.86mm
Net Weight: 17.3Kg.
Gross Weight: 22.5Kg
Total size of mill (without handle): 190mm x 190mm x 290mm

Proops University Student Tool Kit Created by us, Soldering Board, Files, Doming Set, Pliers, Piercing Saw etc. (J1434) Free UK Postage

Here we have another great kit to get you started, brought to you from Proops Brothers Ltd. This set includes 24 tools, see below for specifications. Proops Brothers have been serving this industry for over 80 years. We offer a no quibble freepost returns.

Round nose pliers, 144 assorted piercing saw blades, Soldering board with third hand, Digital vernier caliper, Brass jaw flat nose pliers.
Piercing saw frame, Bent nose pliers, Aviation tin snips.
Heavy duty automatic centre punch, Solid brass machined block, Ball pein hammer, Engineers square, Steel divider caliper, Steel scriber.
Steel ruler, Combination bench pin and anvil, Tweezers, 12 piece doming punch with wooden stand, Second cut flat file, 6 piece needle file set (in blue packet), Second cut half round file, Domed nylon hammer tapered head.

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Glass Bottle Cutter Square & Round

Square & Round Glass Bottle Cutter

Glass Bottle Cutter, Square & Round Bottle Cutting Machine, Wine Bottles and Beer Bottles Cutter Tool with Accessories Tool Kit(Upgrade Version)

VERSATILE-USE: This glass bottle cutter is specially designed for cutting square, round bottle as well as bottleneck of round bottles. With width adjustment 0.8″-2.7″ and length adjustment 2.4″-5.9″, you can easily cut any bottle. You like with this bottle cutter unless the bottle is embossed.
The bottle can be effortlessly fixed on the cutter. The accessories tool kit that we offer can make the bottle stable and firm. We can cut the bottle more easily without using too much force. Therefore, you can complete your own works of art in a better way.

Square & Round Glass Bottle Cutter
Square and Round Glass Bottle Cutter

Instead of discarding the bottle, we can use it for other purposes, such as making square lamps, creating a candelabrum or a vase with round bottles. You can also cut the bottom of the bottle with slots to lay eggs or coins. So it can protect our environment to a certain extent.


There are several activities in our daily life that stimulate your imagination to decorate the bottles with different works of art. Therefore, filling your life with great joy. Even if you are an ecologist, the attached instructions are full of 15 creative ideas for you to enjoy the pleasure of DIY.
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1* glass bottle cutter, 1* user manual, accessories tool kits includes 2* wheels, 4* sandpapers, 1* hexagonal spanner, 1* scale card ( small ruler) and 1* after-sale service guarantee card.

Adjusting the Machine

Mount the attachments: You need to mount the attachments as the picture shows.
Adjust the cutting length and width: When estimating the width of two rear rollers, you also need to make sure there is enough space for the square bottle.
Adjust the blade: Loosen the up screw with the hex wrench, adjust the blade of the cutting wheel, and then tighten it firmly.