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Stained Glass Can Add Elegance

How Stained Glass Can Add Elegance To Your Home

Stained Glass Can Add Elegance your home through the you put in your windows. Whether you want to enhance old windows by replacing some of the panes, or are complementing the new Pella windows you’ve installed. Stained glass can lend an air of grace and quiet elegance to a room.

The place and how they incorporate the stained glass window depends largely on the style you have and what you want to spend to achieve that multicolored shine.

In an old house that has wooden framed windows with six or nine panels, it is possible to remove the upper row of glass. Replace those panels with other newer stained glass windows. They can be rescued from garage sales, flea markets and auctions.

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How Stained Glass Can Add Elegance
How Stained Glass Can Add Elegance

New stained glass that is handmade, can be quite costly due  to the craftsmanship that goes into it. That’s why cutting  old panels of stained glass is a cost-effective  alternative, that can give you several panes from one  sheet. Even if the glass has small cracks or separations  in the colored sections, they are easily repaired.

If you have installed a Pella casement window in your  kitchen, a semi-circle of stained glass framed and set into  the wall over top, will add jewel tones to the warmth of  morning sunlight. Or you might choose to replace the  entire bathroom window with stained glass, making it a  decorative way to preserve your privacy.

The old and the new can come together in harmony. Take a  look at your home and consider whether you’d like to warm  up the house with stained glass, or combine it with the  sophistication of new Pella windows. It’s a pairing  guaranteed to create a unique new look.