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Immune system booster for kids

Immune system booster for kids

Sambucol Natural Black Elderberry for Kids with Vitamin C; immune system booster; cold and flu remedy – 120ml liquid. – by Sambucol

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Description of Immune system booster for kids

Helps strengthen the immune system
High antioxidant Levels
Scientifically tested
Great tasting berry flavoured syrup

Safety Warning

Not suitable for children under 1 year. Do not exceed the recommended intake. In the event of a fever or any other persistant condition, consult a healthcare professional. If you child is under medical supervision, please seek medical advice before taking. Keep out of reach of children. Once opened, keep tightly sealed and store in a dry place below 250C. Food supplements should not replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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Product: Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Energy Capsule

Quantity: 60 pcs / bottle
The Miraculous King of Herbs!

Ganoderma lucidum is a herb commonly used in Chinese medicine as early as the reign of China’s first emperor, Emperor Qin Shi Huang more than 5,000 years ago. In ancient Chinese herbal medicine text ‘Shen Nong’s Herbal classic’ Herbic classifies as Tonic Ganoderma lucidum (Grade 1) ‘Herb’ as non-toxic and non-toxic, non-specific, improves the health of the body. Continuous intake can help the body achieve optimal health.


2 pcs. Each time, 2 times a day per day with a full glass of water, preferably after a meal or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


Each 100g contains: crude polysaccharide 2.01g, Ganoderma triterpenes 1.71g


Pregnant or lactating women should consult their physician before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.


1. Antitumor

Many scientists have confirmed that the antitumor function of Reishi is through the improvement of immune function. The active compounds in Reishi, especially polysacrose and triterpenes, could enhance the body’s nonspecific immunity, enhance the immunity of body cells and body fluids, to promote the generation of cellular immune factors, then produce the effect of inhibiting the tumor.

2 Immunity setting

Reishi can significantly improve the macrophage phagocytosis index and the percentage of phagocytosis, and the stronger the activity of macrophages, the greater the immunity of the body.

3. Improves cardiovascular diseases

Reishi extract has an obvious cardiotonic effect. It can strengthen myocardial contraction force, increase myocardial contraction amplitude and discharge, enhance myocardial cell hypoxia ability. Reishi can also improve blood circulation in the coronary artery, increase the flow of the coronary artery.

4 improve metabolism

Reishi has the ability to promote the production of insulin in the pancreas, accelerating the blood microcirculation of the skin of the pancreas, improving the function of the pancreas.

5. Liver protection

Typically, hepatitis refers to liver tissue damage caused by excessive toxic infringement or attacks by the Hepatitis b virus. No matter before or after liver damage occurs, taking Reishi can protect the liver and reduce liver damage.

6. Anti-aging

The formation of free radicals will accelerate the aging of the human body. Reishi extract has an obvious antioxidant capacity, it can inhibit the heart and liver lipid peroxidation effect, reducing tissue damage.

7. Improve neurological symptoms

Reishi has a very good effect in improving nerve function, treating neurasthenia and other neuroses.

8. Improves Sexual Function

Reishi contains more than 17 types of amino acids, a variety of trace elements, vitamins, and other nutrients necessary for human body health.

9 hairdresser

Reishi is a rare type of beauty in the inner body, already in the Ming dynasty, li shizhen, one of the most famous scientists of ancient China, highlighted in his famous pharmacopeia that Reishi has the function of beauty.