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Gold Silver Testing Kit

Gold Silver Testing Kit

Caratest Professional Gold Silver Testing Kit – Tester Solutions, Miniature File, Neodymium Magnet, Testing Stone & Full Colour Instruction Booklet. by Caratest

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Description of Gold Silver Testing Kit

Simple and quick to use
Determine if your jewellery, gold and silver scrap is genuine or base metal
Full colour instruction booklet “Testing Precious Metals”

Gold Silver Testing Kit
Photo Gold Silver Testing Kit

Manufactured in the UK to suit British gold & silver standards
10ml bottles with extra-fine dropper nozzles. Each bottle can perform several hundred tests.

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The Caratest Professional gold silver testing kit allows you to test your scrap gold and silver, and jewellery items, to see if they are genuine, are base-metal or just plated. The kit includes a set of three testing solutions for silver, 9ct gold and 14-24ct gold. The full colour instruction booklet shows you how to test your items, and how to interpret the results using the illustrated colour-charts to identify the carat of the gold as 9ct, 14/15ct, 18ct, or 22ct. The testing solutions contain acid so care is required in use, and the kit is not suitable for children. Accessories supplied in the kit are miniature testing file, testing stone and neodymium magnet.