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Fruit Punch | Hardcore

Fruit Punch | Hardcore Pre-Workout Supplement

Iron Labs Nutrition, AC8 Xtreme (Fruit Punch) – Pre-Workout Supplement, 300 grams

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Why Fruits and Vegetables Are Essential for Good Health

Fruits and vegetables are essential for good health for many reasons. If you are looking for a way to look and feel better, opting for fruits and veggies is certainly the best choice you can make.

Reason 1: Fruits and vegetables are all natural – especially if you buy them organic. However, organic or not, they will certainly add a punch to your nutrition intake. They are grown from the good green earth and if they are purchased fresh, then nothing have been done to them. This means, no preservatives, no sodium boosts for freshness, essentially, nothing that happens to packaged products is done to fresh produce.

Vitamins and minerals

Reason 2: Vitamins and minerals are abundant in fruits and vegetables. Nutritionists around the country and even the globe all agree in their recommendations that people should be eating about 5 servings of vegetables per day as well as 3-4 servings of fruit. If you look at the overall food pyramid, you will realize that fruits and vegetables are suggested to take up a good portion of your daily intake. The minerals and vitamins in fruits and vegetables include Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B 12, etc.. The list goes on and on so if you are looking to skip the supplements and get your nutrition via the food you eat, then you should really begin eating vegetables and fruits.

Reason 3: Cost. This day is age, everyone tends to stress out about money. The economy is down, jobs are minimal, employment rate is slacking – there are so many reasons why budgeting has become an important part of everyday life. Fruits and vegetables tend to be cheaper than the supplements you would buy from a vitamin store to get the same value of vitamins and minerals. Not to mention fruit and vegetables taste a lot better going down then choking down a horse pill. So by buying fruits and vegetables from the store, you will save money that you would spend on buying supplements which will ultimately keep your stress levels at bay. People with lower stress levels tend to be healthier overall so start by making smart decisions on how to get your body the nutrients it needs!

Fruit Punch | Hardcore
Fruit Punch | Hardcore

Fruit Punch control your weight

Reason 4: Weight. With the new year rolling in closely, you may start thinking about how to control your weight this year. Well, the number one way to do this is by increasing your fruits and vegetables and decreasing your fatty intake. If you do this, then your waistline will shrink within the first couple weeks! Fruits and veggies make a terrific snack as well as a meal compliment. Instead of eating fries with your sandwich, substitute it for an apple or an orange or some type of fruit. Not only will this be a better choice for you, it will also quench your sweet tooth to prevent you from wanting sweets after your meals as well. If you need a good snacking food with a crunch, try snacking on carrot sticks. They are the perfect substitute for potato chips and will ensure to keep your waistline trim.

By Becki Andrus

– Becki Andrus has all the information you need about healthy eating habits. Visit her website and find out how you can implement easy, small steps to improve your health and have more energy:  Everyday Health Girl

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