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Classic Clean Toilet Roll

Classic Clean Toilet Roll Andrex

Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Roll Tissue Paper – 45 Rolls. – by Andrex

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Description of Classic Clean Toilet Roll Andrex

This item contains five packs, nine toilet rolls in each pack, average 200 sheets per toilet roll
Andrex Classic Clean is a 2-ply toilet tissue with a touch of cotton, for softness your skin deserves
Each toilet roll, like all Andrex toilet tissue, is sustainably sourced and FSC certified

Use Andrex Classic Clean alongside Andrex Washlets to achieve a superior clean
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Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Roll Tissue Paper – Pack of 45 Rolls.

Andrex Classic Clean has a touch of cotton. It has the balance of softness and strength to leave you and your family feeling clean and confident.

Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Tissue, 45 Toilet Rolls
Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Tissue, 45 Toilet Rolls

Box Contains

Each order comes with 5 x Andrex white toilet tissue 9 rolls (total 45 rolls).

Customer reviews

45 rolls of quality toilet paper. Five packs of nine so a bit easier for storing rather than the whole 45 being in one big bag.
Should last a while and work out cheaper than some of the budget branded cheaper ones. At least the rolls of these are thicker and not just puffed up paper but tightly rolled, so yes more per roll than the budget brands and not likely to tear into ragged edges easily either. No bits of fluff from it either just quality paper. Even good for blowing nose on as soft as anything.
Came in a massive box and saves me a trip to supermarket for a time now and works out cheaper in long run. Bought on a really good offer so even better. Just hoping dog does not think he’s an andrex dog and run off with it all. By Alessi Lover

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