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Mini Lightweight Stroller

Mini Lightweight Stroller. Choosing The Right Type Of Baby Stroller For Your Child

Nowadays baby strollers have become one of the most important accessories for each and every parent. All of us have now become more conscious about our children and try to provide them the best possible care. The first and foremost thing a baby needs is a Mini lightweight Stroller where he/she can relax all day long without being disturbed.

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Stadium Duo Double Pushchair

Stadium Duo Double Pushchair

Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair, Oxford. – by GracoOK

How to Choose the Right Pushchair

With quite a few pushchairs on sale these days, you can find a big range to choose from, but selecting the best pushchair to suit your needs and your baby’s needs is what’s most important by far. It is important to think about yourself, too, since you’re the one who’ll be pushing it. Also you need to be aware of the way you live plus how much money you want to spend.

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Car Seat Kids 0 to 18 kg

Car Seat Kids, 0 to 18 kg, Giraffe. Car Seat Buying Advice and Guide – Car Seats For Babies and Children

MyCarSit Nania Car Seat Kids, 0 to 18 kg, Giraffe. – by MyCarSit

Choosing the Correct Car Seat

Choosing the correct car seat can often be very confusing as not only have you to ensure the correct size car seat for your child but that the car seat that you choose is also a correct fit for your car. Selecting a car seat that scores highly in the many test reports available is all very well but selecting a car seat that fits your car properly is probably the more important feature for your childs safety.

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Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

Easy to Assemble Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot (Black). – by Red Kite

New baby guide

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re having a new baby! Now, on to the serious stuff. You’re going to get yourself prepared for your new baby, mentally, physically and you will need to adjust your house and car for the new baby too!

Mentally preparing for the new baby

Remember this, women adjust to having a new baby faster than men; so, don’t expect husbands to start being all fatherly after the pregnancy is announced. They’re not like that. Women adjust better to the new baby, mentally, because they experience physical, emotional and psychological changes. These changes help them adjust to the new baby quicker. However, men start feeling the new baby when they see the bump or feel the flicker of baby movement over mommy’s belly.

Physically preparing for the new baby

There’s nothing much a new father can do to prepare to the new baby. What needs to be done by a father needs to be done BEFORE the new baby is conceived. However, the new father can try quitting smoking, quitting drinking and other vices once the new baby is conceived. Needless to say, the new mother needs to do the same too.

Planning for the new baby: the house and car

With the new baby, depending on whether you’re planning to co-sleep with the baby or whether you’re planning to plonk the baby in a separate room affects the changes to your home. Either way, we recommend having a separate room for your new baby, even if the new baby is going to be sleeping with the new parents for the first couple of months. A baby crib, some toys, a place to put all the baby’s clothes, shelves to convenient grab lotions, creams, diaper wipes, diapers, etc. off near the changing table is a MUST.

You’ll also need to think about getting a baby chair too; baby chair for the house (at the right height for the dining table) and also a baby chair for the car (for traveling). Some baby chairs can be adjusted to fit the adult dining chair AND fit into the car at the same time. They are a little bit more expensive than the conventional baby chairs, but the multi-function is extremely convenient PLUS it’s downright comfortable for your new baby.

Other essential stuff for your new baby

Frankly speaking, the essentials depend wholly on your own preference, budget and lifestyle. You can live without some of these things if you think you’d rather not waste the money.

If you’ve had previous babies before, you probably don’t need too many new baby clothes. New babies outgrow their clothes terribly fast and it’d be a waste of money to splurge on new clothes. You can get hand-me-downs from nieces and nephews too, if you want. What you should probably get are blankets, sweaters, coats, and clothes for going out.

At home, your new baby’s not going to mind old clothes. In fact, it’s a fact that your new baby is probably going to like wearing the old clothes better than the new clothes. Don’t forget the feeding utensils like baby bowls, breast pump (if you’re planning to pump breast milk for your new baby at work), baby bottles, cloth nappies, diapers, baby wipes, lotions, shampoo, bath gels, towels, baby blankets, baby bedding, bibs, stroller, etc.

And don’t worry, you’ll do fine. The best thing to do is to get unbiased referrals from friends and family.

Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot

Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot
Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot

Fully safety tested
Easy to Assemble
Fully padded top rails
Includes carry bag
Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

The award winning Sleeptight Travel Cot from Red Kite. Practical travel item useful for holidays or just visiting friends and relatives. Note: Once removed from the outer carton and poly bag, the cot is inside a black travel bag. Once the bag has been removed the mattress is wrapped around the actual cot. The mattress is firm on one side, in five sections, secured with Velcro and has warnings and instructions printed on it. Once removed from the cot, this then reveals the padded side of the mattress.

Box Contains

Travel Cot x one
Mattress x one
Carry bag x one
Instructions x one

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Red Kite Baby Sleeptight Raspberry

Red Kite Baby Sleeptight Raspberry
Red Kite Baby Sleeptight Raspberry

The award winning sleep tight range from the red kite now has a new raspberry and Blueberry option available to its customers. The previous versions have been an ever popular choice from parents for many years and from listening to customer feed back red kite have updated the appearance while maintaining the great quality their sleep tight range is known for.

New range of co-ordinated design travel cots to suit those discerning little girls and boys padded mattress and padded top rails to give extra protection to babies easy to fold for storage and transportation supplied with handy carry bag for use when travelling.

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Car Seat Raspberry Red

Car Seat Raspberry Red

Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix Car Seat Raspberry Red. – by Maxi-Cosi

Baby Car Seats Safety – Frequently Asked Questions

In this article you will be provided with information about baby car seats and keeping your baby safe while in the car. There are tips for buying new and used baby car seats. Answers to some of the most asked questions about car seats are provided as well.

Q. What is the best baby car seat?

The best car seat is the one that matches your baby’s size and weight. It also fits properly in your car and is easily installed.

Q. What types of baby car seats are available?

There are several types of baby car seats such as infant seats, front facing car seats, and convertible seats. There are also combination seats (can face front or rear), booster seats and integrated car seats. With each type of seat there are variations.

Q. Is a five-point harness or a shield safest for my baby?

A five point harness gives your child the greatest protection because it holds your baby tighter in the seat in the event of a crash. A T-Shield or over-the-head restraint allows too much room or can get in the way of chubby tummies and legs. The stalk of the T-Shield can cause serious injury to your baby.

Q. How can I find out how to safely install my baby’s car seat?

All car seats (except most second hand seats) come with printed directions. If after reading the directions you still are not sure how to properly install it. You can call or email the manufacturer. Some police stations and hospitals have assistance programsas well.

Q. Is there a correct way to secure my child in the baby car seat?

Yes, there is a correct way in which to secure your child in his car seat. How you secure your baby in the car seat will likely depend on the age and size of your baby. For children under a year of age they should be placed in rear-facing seats in the centerof the rear seat. Older children can sit facing front and their seat are generally placed behind the driver or passenger in order to utilize the shoulder/lap belts.

Q. What is LATCH?

LATCH refers to Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. It is a baby car seat installation system. The lower hooks are attached between the bottom of the back of the seat and seat itself. The tether piece is a strap made of seat belt material with a clip that secures forward facing baby car seats and prevents excessive movement of the baby’s head in crashes.

Q. What is a Tether?

The tether is a strap made of seat belt material with a clip. It attaches to the clips on the seat and secures front facing baby car seats. In a crash it prevents excessive movement of the seat and the baby’s head, reducing the severity of injuries.

Q. How can I tell when my child is ready to use car seat belts without a booster seat?

Your child will be ready for using the car safety restraint system when s/he can sitall the way back in the seat and the knees can bend comfortably over the edge of the seat. The belt crosses the shoulder between the neck and the arm and the lap belt is low and touches the thighs. Your child must be able to remain seated the whole trip.

Q. Can a baby car seat be used safely in an airplane?

Yes it can. Airlines require children age 2 and under, to be in approved car seats. The seats must be 16 inches or less to fit in the airplane seats. Call ahead and find out ifyour seat is an approved seat. Once on the plane, the hostess/es, will be able to assistyou.

Q. Is it safe for me to use second-hand baby car seats?

Yes it is safe to use second-hand baby car seats provided you do a safety check. Belts and harnesses should not be frayed or cracked. There should be no cracks or tears in the seat cover and the seat should recline easily and stay upright when the baby is seated.

Look into the history of the seat, if it has been in a car crash do not buy it, its ability to safely restrain your child has been compromised. If the seat doesn’t come with a manual contact the manufacturer to ensure the seat will be properly installed.If the seat is more than 5 years old do not use it, it may have been in a crash and older baby car seats may not fit in new model cars.

Q. What should I do if my baby car seat is recalled?

In most cases, the manufacturer will provide you with instructions of what to do if baby car seat is recalled. In some cases they will replace it for free they will have you bring it somewhere to get replacement parts also at no cost to you.

Q. Are there baby car seats available for children with special needs?

Children with special needs may require different restraint systems. Discuss your options with your pediatrician. Agencies such as Easter Seals have programs and information on baby car seats for special needs children.

Q. What is the best type of harness for my baby car seat?

There are four types of harnesses in baby car seats. The six-point harness has two straps at the shoulders, two at the hips and two at the crotch. The five-point harness has two straps at the shoulders, two at the hips and one at the crotch.

The t-shield is a padded triangle that latches at the crotch while the overhead shield comes down from over the head and latches at the crotch also. The safest harnesses are the five or six-point harnesses. These prevent excessive movement of the baby in crash situations. The t shield and the over-head shield allow for too much room and could cause your baby to be ejected from the car in a crash.

In Conclusion

You can never go wrong if you err on the side of caution when it comes to your baby. The size and weight of your baby as well as your budget will decide what type of seat you will purchase. This article has provided you with a number of tips to keep your baby safe while riding with you in the car.

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Maxi-Cosi Pebble Car Seat

Child’s Car Seat Group 1 (Raspberry Red). Maxi-Cosi Tobi

Bébé Confort Trianos Group 1/2/3 (9 – 36 kg)

Bébé Confort Car Seat Iseos Isofix Group 1 (9 – 18 kg)

Description of Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix, Raspberry Red

Car Seat, Raspberry Red
Car Seat Raspberry Red


Group 0 child for children up to 13 kg (birth until 12 months).
Easy installation in combination with maxi cosi easy Base two, easy fix, family fix car bases or 3-point seat belt.
Can be used in combination with most maxi cosi and quinny strollers to form travel system.

Side protection system offers optimal protection against side impact.
Includes newborn seat reducer for younger babies, integrated sun canopy, harness hooks and head hugger.
This product is covered by R44/04 approval label which is running in parallel to i-Size.

The practical Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix makes travelling happier and easier for everyone. You can transfer your sleeping baby from your Maxi-Cosi or Quinny pushchair to your car in just one effortless click without waking them. It works with your c. seat belt or an ISOFIX base for flexibility. And it’s reassuringly safe.

Side Protection System for safety
Quick click-and-go instalation
Use with c. seat belt or ISOFIX base
Padded for comfort
Part of your flexible travel system

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Side Protection System

Protect your baby from damaging side impacts thanks to Maxi-Cosi’s Side Protection System technology. Ensuring optimal safety, it gives you peace of mind for every car journey.


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Car Seat Cosmos Black

Britax Römer ECLIPSE Group 1 (9-18kg) Car Seat Cosmos Black.

How to Choose a Car Seat That Meets The Needs of Your Baby

There are many types of car seats available on the market today. In order to be able to make an informed decision it is best to check out car seat manufacturers. You can also check any consumer guide for information on recalls, seats that have been crash tested, the best type of restraint systems for your child. Before that even starts be aware of the fact that there are many types of car seats. The choice you make will be based on your prior research and your child’s needs. A note of caution: before you purchase a car seat check the manufacture’s recommendations and be sure the seat is compatible with your vehicle.

One type of car seat is the infant only car seat. This seat comes with a detachable base, comes with higher weight and height limits, harness slots that will help to change the seat from rear facing to front facing. The multiple slots can be adjusted to fit your baby. They also have handles that can be folded down while the child is in the car. They can be raised to make carrying your baby easier.

Ease of adjusting of car seat

Convertible car seat are bigger and heavier and may not be appropriate for some newborns. The reclining position and ease of adjusting the harness are important assets. A convertible seat can be used rear facing for most newborns and front facing for older babies over twenty pounds. The American Pediatric Association recommends a child stay rear facing until s/he reaches the maximum weight and height listed by the manufacturer. The straps and are adjustable to a child’s size, the seat should be moved to the proper position for the weight and height of your baby. The seat belt should be threaded through the seat belt path.

Forward facing seats cannot be used in the rear facing position. They are only for children over a year old and over twenty pounds. They can be used with either a lap only or lap/shoulder belt system.

Combination seats also cannot be used in the rear facing position and are also only for babies over a year and over twenty pounds. It has an internal harness for children whose weight is between forty and fifty pounds. It can convert to a belt position booster seat by removing the harness for larger children. They can be used with lap only or lap/shoulder belts.

Check with your vehicle manufacturer

Booster seats come in different types. Some come with shield boosters that are padded bars that lock into position much like the handlebars on carnival rides. There are booster seats that come with a high back to support your child as s/he rides in a car. Some booster car seats are built into vans and some cars. Check with your vehicle manufacturer to be sure the seat will accommodate your child’s size. There are travel vests that attach to the seats with lap only belts.

Now that you know the types of car seats, there are things that must be considered in order to ensure the safety of your baby. Is the seat safe? How did it fare in crash testing? Is the restraint system easy to manipulate? If they are difficult to buckle your child in or remove him from the seat your child’s safety could be compromised.

In an accident, a sudden stop, or quick swerve will the seat hold your child? If the seat moves in any way in these situations your baby could be at risk. The car seat should attach snugly to the seat if properly installed. With seats that have multiple belt slots to accommodate your child be sure you use the right one. The belt should be at your child’s shoulder level or just above.

LATCH system

Most newer car seats come with the LATCH (lower anchor and tethers for children) system. Installation is supposed to be easier but they are difficult to use and are not always safe. Parents complain that upon installing seats with this system there is too much slack, the seats have a tendency to move or slide out of position. In an emergency situation this could have seriously disastrous results. A company has created a tool called Mighty Tite that is used to pull in the slack and it has been safety tested and is recommended.

If you purchase your car seat second-hand

As previously stated check consumer guides and online sites for recalls. This is especially important if you have a used car seat. If you purchase your seat second-hand you need to inspect it thoroughly. Check that all belts and buckles are in good shape and working as recommended. Make sure the belts aren’t frayed or the buckles cracked.

Check the frame for any breaks or gaps that your little one could get fingers stuck in or that are sharp. Do you found such things? don’t use the seat until you can get it repaired or replaced. If the seat comes with removable covers it is suggested that you remove them and wash them well. If it doesn’t have cloth covering you might want to buy some.

A vinyl seat, could in the summer, burn your little one’s tender skin. In a desperate attempt to remedy this when my own child was an infant, I found a large towel and cut holes in it and place it on the seat so that anywhere my son’s skin would meet the seat, it was protected at least with the towel. If you are really creative you could make your own.

Multi-use car seat

Be practical in purchasing your car seat. If you have an infant buy a seat that will convert to a front facing seat as your child grows. Infant seats also come with a base that remains installed while you are able to remove a sleeping child from the car without disturbing him too much. Some such infant seats can also attach to a stroller frame. This multi-use seat is practical and will save all the bending and unbuckling and buckling of seat belts and then stroller belts. The internal harness keeps your child appropriately restrained.

Summing up on how to choose a car seat

Let’s go over some important considerations in purchasing car seats. Keep in mind compatibility with your vehicle’s specifications. Check for recalls and safety testing- how did the seat fare in these situations? Is it the proper seat for the size of your child? Can the seat be converted from a rear and front facing seat – it is more economical to buy a convertible seat. Is the installation easy or does the seat seem to move around in the belt system?.

There is a tool called Mighty Tite that can take up any slack and make the seat secure in its position, thus enhancing your baby’s safety. Choose carefully and choose wisely, you are carrying very precious cargo.

Car Seat Cosmos Black - Product amazon primeProduct Amazon Prime The Car Seat Cosmos Black

Description of Car Sea Cosmos Black

Simple installation with a 3-point or 2-point seat belt
Superior protection – side impact protection, performance chest pads and pitch control system
TUV certified for aircraft travel
Multi-recline positions that can be adjusted without disturbing your child
Lightweight, easy to transfer between cars

With its slim base, the ECLIPSE is the ideal solution for three-door or small cars and can be installed with either a 3-point seat belt or a 2-point lap belt. You can easily recline the seat for your child’s comfort without disturbing them. The softly padded side wings protect from side impacts, while the pitch control system reduces the child’s forward movement in the event of an accident. The logo on the product may vary from this image, due to a change in our logo design. The design of the product has not changed.

Car Seat – Cosmos Black Britax Römer DUALFIX Group 0+/1 (Birth-18kg)
Car Seat - Cosmos Black
Car Seat – Cosmos Black

360-degree rotation providing a choice of rearward Facing travel from birth 18 kg or forward facing from 9 to 18 kg (9 months to 4 years).
Superior side impact protection, performance chest pads and pivot link system.
Newborn insert included. Providing additional comfort and support
Height adjustable headrest and single handed adjustable harness.
Multi Position recline and quick removabale cover.

Britax Römer ADVENTURE Group 2-3 (15-36kg) Car Seat – Cosmos Black
Car Seat - Cosmos Black
Car Seat – Cosmos Black

Intuitively positioned seat belt guides for straightforward installation every time. Machine washable seat cover that can easily be removed, so you can clean up quick and get on your way.
Reassurance of highback booster safety with side impact protection.
Lightweight, easily transferable shell.
Height adjustable headrest and upper belt guide.
Pull out drink holder and snack tray.

Best Selling Products from Britax


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Twin stroller Together

Twin stroller Together

Chicco Twin stroller Together 22 Coal

Description of Twin stroller Together

Brand Chicco Stroller together ideal for twins or children of close age Reclining seat fully tiltable One-hand folding, fast and easy Ultra-compact, when folded, it stands up by itself
A spacious storage basket that is ideal for everything your children need Integral rain cover included for optimum comfort Two matching leg covers included to keep your children warm Keep your car safe Key fits Seated rear seat, approved from 6 months (or from birth with the key-fit car seat sold separately) Weight: 14.7 kg Double stroller Together folded: 117 x 59 x 102 cm
Double Together stroller open: 112 x 59 x 52 cm.

Chicco together is the ideal stroller for twins or siblings who are similar in age. Innovative anchor device for the key fit gr. 0+ car seat providing maximum versatility for the front seat or rear seat, or even both of them together, ideal if they are twins. The seats are spaciousfy, they both have a safety bumper bar and a foot rest forfort. The standard version includes a double sunshade hood, a spacious item basket, dual matching leg cover and a full-cover rain hood. Rear seat approved for use by infants from birth, the front seat is approved for use by infants from 6 months onwards (this can also be used from birthbined with the key fit child car seat). Size when open: 117 x 59 x 102 cmssize when close: 112 x 59 x 52 cmsweight: 14, 7 kgs.

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Boat Wooden Junior Bed

Boat Wooden Junior Bed

Kiddi Style Children’s Pirate Ship/Boat Wooden Junior Bed

Boat Wooden Junior Bed - Product amazon prime Product Amazon Prime Boat Wooden Junior Bed

Description of Boat Wooden Junior Bed

Fun pirate themed boat / ship Junior Bed
Wood – Fun pirate themed set
Easy to assemble
Complies with all EU Safety Standards
Large Range Of Matching Furniture Available!

Ship Ahoy! Bedtime is Fun! This pirate boat junior bed will send your child drifting asleep! This wooden bed is designed to look like your little one’s own pirate boat! The boat is made of high-quality MDF and is robust and sturdy whilst remaining lightweight enough to be moved if required. Finished in a durable non-toxic coating. Full feature list: •Solid Wood •Pirate boat Design •Sized for children •Low from ground – easy for kids to climb in. •Easy to assemble •Can be easily taken apart – perfect for storage! •Fully test in compliance with the latest European safety standards •Large Range of matching Furniture available Dimensions: 143 (l) x 73 (w) x 55 (h) cm.

Fantastic wooden furniture set

Ship Ahoy! Bedtime is Fun!

This pirate boat junior bed will send your child drifting asleep.

This wooden bed is designed to look like your little one’s own pirate boat.

The boat is made of high-quality MDF and is robust and sturdy whilst remaining lightweight enough to be moved if required.

Finished in a durable non-toxic coating.

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